*Ignores how long it’s been since the last post*… … Our next full day in Tallinn took us to Seaplane Harbour, a maritime museum which has only been open since 2012. It was one of the top attractions in Tallinn, according to websites and such, and had many good reviews. We had a pleasant and […]

Back when we were planning the countries to visit in Europe, Estonia was never part of the plan. I was sorting out the Norway part, as that was my No.1 on the list, and was finding it very difficult to figure out how to get from the north of Norway to Finland. It seemed we […]

Ohh, woops. I guess I had a little (10 week) break from uploading anything, heh. Let’s ignore that and continue… The trip from Trondheim to Bodø took 10 hours by train but it was a pretty awesome journey. Taking the train is so much more enjoyable compared to a flight, especially when you have such incredible snowy […]

To get to Trondheim, we took a 7 hour journey by train. It sounds like a long time but when the scenery is so epic and beautiful, it goes by pretty easily. We arrived in Trondheim in the late afternoon and took a leisurely stroll a few minutes down the road to our hotel. Trondheim […]

The Norway part of our journey began with a pretty easy flight from Edinburgh to Oslo. We arrived in darkness so couldn’t see much of the landscape but already it was cool to see some snow on the ground. After we navigated our way to the main train station from the airport, we met with […]

The following day after seeing the Old Man of Storr, we journeyed back towards the south and visited some castle ruins on our way to the Glenfinnan Viaduct (the bridge featured in the Harry Potter movies). It was once again raining but I managed to get some photos while sheltering under my umbrella. The Glenfinnan […]

After much procrastinating, I am finally continuing to upload the Scotland bit of my trip. Part of why I have been avoiding doing this is because I took sooo many photos, had to go through them all and there are still too many. Also the laptop I am travelling with is a piece of shit […]